How do HTML and CSS Work Together? Beginner’s Guide

how do HTML and CSS work together

Do coding languages fry your brain into an omelet? These complicated codings do a lot of work, but have you wondered how? In this article on how HTML and CSS work together, we will break down and simplify these coding languages for you to understand better.

HTML provides a web page’s basic structure and content, defining elements like headings, paragraphs, and images. CSS enhances the visual presentation, controlling layout, colors, and fonts. Together, HTML structures the content, while CSS styles it, creating a cohesive, visually appealing web experience.

Continue reading to learn more about it. We have made it simple for a beginner to understand. Keep scrolling to see how HTML and CSS work together.

HTML And CSS– Difference Between Them and Importance

How HTML and CSS work together is relatively straightforward. Their importance and differences are significant– HTML and CSS are part of a website.

We use HTML to build the content on the page, and CSS designs the content presentation. We know that CSS and HTML need each other for a website to come together.

CSS cannot be used without HTML and vice-versa. You cannot style your page without the HTML tags on your screen. You will only spend more time on a website because of its features and the way it looks.

Content will be more fun to read if it is interactive with animations, designing, etc. It helps in making the user experience even better. With CSS, you can do this.

Understanding The Structure Of HTML

You need to understand and know the basics– All the texts are in a hierarchy format. It goes from big to small. The html> tag is considered to be the thing that holds the entire structure of the HTML code together. It is further branched into <head> and <body>.

Understanding The Structure Of HTML

In the <head> is where the style sheets are edited to look appealing.

<body> has all the pictures, making the page’s content more attractive and interactive.

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Why Are HTML and CSS Separate?

These two are separate things because keeping the complex building part from the fun, creative part will be easy. Another reason why they are kept separate is because it allows you to check that the two are correctly developed before being put out there for people to use.

Why Are HTML and CSS Separate?

How do HTML and CSS work together?

It would help if you experimented by using these CSS features in your HTML sheet.

  • Internal style sheet

  • Inline styling

  • External styling

What Is An Internal Style Sheet?

An internal style sheet lets you style your HTML code content inside the head tag. It is useful for planning the design of the website. It is like you put <style> in between of <head> and </head>

What Is Inline Styling?

Inline styling comes in handy when you want to adjust the style of separate tags or, in simple words, to a specific HTML element. Inline CSS makes use of an HTML element’s style feature. In other words, these designs can be put directly into HTML elements using the style feature.

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What Is External Styling?

External styling is used to design large projects with this type of styling in CSS. Doing the styling on the same HTML page will make it more confusing and crowded. Do it in a different file instead. The file is named “href” making it easy to look for.

How To Do It?

Doing this is very simple if you know your basics.

Link Your Two Files:

Link the CSS and HTML files together. Check this out:



<span style="font-weight: 400;"><title>This is my page title.</title></span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;"><link href="style.css" rel="xyz" type="text/css" /></span>

Or you can try this; it is much shorter:

<span style="font-weight: 400;"><head></span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;"><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css"></span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;"></head></span>

Next, Start Your Styling:

This is done in the CSS file. To add color, type this:

p {



You can also make your font size bigger or smaller. Try this:

p {

font-size: 16px;


If you want to add a specific shade of a color, you can enter the color code and get it. You can add favorite ones from the internet. For a darker shade of coral orange, you can try this.

.myClass {

color: #FF5733;


Also, play around with colors! Change the heading color or even add a font size.

For just a color:

p {



h1 {



For a change in size and a change in color:

h1 {

color: blue;

font-size: 24px;


This was all about how HTML and CSS work together!


What is the non-abbreviated version of HTML and CSS?

The two are different but work so well together! CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, and HTML is Hypertext Markup Language.

Why aren't HTML and CSS considered to be programming languages?

These two codes only decide the structure and how a website should look. Unlike Java, Python, or even C++, HTML and CSS are easy to use and learn. They are much more complicated compared to these partners.

Is linking style sheets to HTML limited to only one?

No, you can add multiple CSS style sheets to HTML, especially using external styling. We do external styling in a different CSS file and then link to the HTML file to bring it all together

Can CSS be done on its own on a website?

CSS was made for HTML. With HTML, CSS is needed for the structure of the site. CSS will only be able to design if there is content to develop.


In this article, we saw how HTML and CSS work together and what you can add to the code to make it look appealing using CSS. We also saw how the structure of HTML works. Continue sticking around for more.