How to Add HTML Code to Wix: Full Guide

how to add HTML code to Wix

Are you all set and ready with your HTML code but need to know how to add it to a website? You needn’t worry! Today, we shall discuss how to add HTML code to Wix. P.S. We have made it quite simple for you to understand!

Follow these steps to understand how to add HTML code to Wix

  • First, make an account on Wix
  • Then you will have to go to the option that says ‘My Sites’
  • Next, select the ‘Edit Site’ option
  • Now you click on the ‘+’ option 
  • After that, click on the option ‘Embed Code’
  • Now click on ‘+’ option Embed HTML
  • Paste your HTML Code
  • Click on ‘Apply’

How to add HTML to Wix includes just a few steps. We put together a detailed guide on how to add HTML code to Wix. If you stay till the end of this article, you will leave with a newly gained knowledge about adding your HTML code to your Wix website. Continue reading!

Why Should You Upload HTML to Wix?

HTML is one of the easiest languages to learn, as the tags and codes are straightforward. Not only can you build personalized website content through HTML, but you can also design it. 

Wix is a very famous tool/website you can use to open your own website. The features you find on Wix make it much easier to upload codes– best for HTML as it has the drag-and-drop tool, too, allowing you to make a more customized website.

If you have noticed, while doing an SEO check, you can edit your HTML tags on your website. These HTML tags or the code you have worked on adds to the optimization of your page. This optimization brings in more traffic and even increases your rankings.

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How to Add HTML Code to Wix? Your Simplified Guide.

Step 1: Create An Account For Your Page On The Wix Website

If you have a pre-existing account, then log in. This will be your first essential step. If you are highly invested in this, investing in a premium plan for use is better. Using premium plans gives you access to multiple features unavailable in your free plan.

Create An Account For Your Page On The Wix Website

Once you log into your account on Wix, find your dashboard.

Step 2: Select The Option That Says ‘My Sites’

On your dashboard, you will find on the top, you will see an option that says ‘My Sites’ You should be able to find it right after the ‘Wix’ logo. My Sites usually stores your previously designed or made websites.

Select The Option That Says ‘My Sites’

But if it is your new account, then you won’t find any. Choose ‘My Sites’.

Step 3: Next Comes the ‘Edit Site’

Next, your third step– pay close attention… this is your essential step. Here is where you can edit your sites. Here, you must pick where you want to put your HTML code in. This only applies if you want it placed on an existing webpage.

You can start all new if you just got in, but before anything, you must build a website in which you want to put this HTML code. After you picked the website that you want to put your HTML code in, choose the option on the top-right corner that says ‘Edit Site’

Step 4: The ‘+’, Click On It

On the left of your screen, or even right in some cases, based on your device, you will find a ‘+’ option (you won’t have to hunt for it; it’s right at the top)

Your window and your site are in edit mode now. You can edit your website here. When you click on the +, many different features will appear on your screen. These features you can use to make changes as you wish.

Step 5: Next Click On The Option: ‘Embed Code’

For your next step, you must find ‘Embed Code’ in your features tab to begin. You should see it somewhere in the Add Elements side menu. It’s okay if you don’t find it on your first go. It will be right there. Just look for it once again.

Step 6: You Will See A ‘+’ Option In Embed HTML

Congratulations! You found the option! Now you can see that a new side menu appeared. In this side menu, select the option that says ‘Embed HTML’ with a green logo that looks like this– </>. Click on ‘+’ sign to move forward.

You will also see other Embed Codes to choose from but see to it that you pick the right one.

Step 7: The Easiest Part– Paste Your HTML Code

Next, copy your code using ‘Ctrl+C’ or ‘Command+C’ to copy your code and on the Wix website. To paste it, use ‘Ctrl+V’ or ‘Command+V’. Once you have copied your code, you will find a new rectangle box on your screen.

You will be asked to name your website and enter a code in this box. You will have to pick the code option because you have already made your HTML code, and all you have to do is add HTML to Wix.

Next, paste your HTML code here, and you will be done.

Step 8: Click On ‘Apply’

After you paste your HTML code, click on the button that says ‘Apply.’ This is your last step. You can face some problems with your code in this step. They can range from not looking how you expected or the code might not run.

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Can you add an HTML code to Wix?

This article is about adding HTML code to Wix. So yes, you can add a HTML code to Wix. Wix has features allowing you to add embed codes to your site.

Can you edit my code on the Wix website?

You cannot edit your HTML code on the Wix website yet. We don’t have any feature in Wix that allows you to type in your code, either. You can make the necessary changes on an external location and paste it on the Wix website.

How does Wix implement your HTML code?

For the code to be converted to your visual interface on the website, Wix uses SSR— an abbreviation for Server Side Rendering. It helps the site show your code and how you made it on the official website

Does Wix allow you to make other changes to your website?

Other than your HTML code coming from an external location, you can edit your website to your liking.


This article has covered the topic— “How to add HTML code to Wix.” It comprises a step-by-step guide that covers the details of everything to do to add your HTML code to the Wix site. Keep reading for more!

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